Take business beyond the boardroom to deepen engagement + unleash innovation


The adVenturesAcademy is a highly-specialized, research-based experiential program (“curriculum in action”) focused on strengthening and building resilience in leaders dedicated to building businesses that create a better world.

With the goal of deepening the engagement of entrepreneurs, investors, and the growth ecosystem surrounding purpose-driven enterprises, the adVenturesAcademy provides hands-on adventure training programs to unleash innovation, develop meaningful relationships between stakeholders, and cultivate key skills critical to success in building high growth, resilient enterprises.


We develop custom programs to maximize engagement.

adVenturesAcademy Programs include:

  • The Survival Skills of Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Basics
  • Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Vision
  • Business/Venture Planning
  • Managing Risk when Everything is at Stake
  • Defining Your Value(s) Proposition
  • Transforming Failure into Success
  • Understanding Human Motivation
  • Transforming Competition into Coopetition
  • Route Planning in Business Growth Strategy
  • Penetrating the Market
  • and more.

adVenturesAcademy launched Kiwa Investment Summit Cotopaxi adVenturesAcademy Investment Camp, developing a specialized offering that includes innovative offerings highlighting Ecuador's natural beauty with programming from leading investors and business growth experts.


adVenturesAcademy in Ecuador

adVenturesAcademy in Colorado


Reach higher, create meaningful relationships to grow your business, and live your dreams


The adVenturesAcademy is a highly-specialized, unique growth program that brings together leading values-aligned investors and entrepreneurs through adventure to deepen relationships in a meaningful way while strengthening and building resiliency in these leaders dedicated to building businesses that create a better world.  

With the goal of deepening the engagement of entrepreneurs, investors, and the growth ecosystem surrounding purpose-driven enterprises, we have developed the adVenturesAcademy Colorado Investment Camp at a very special backcountry hut in the Rocky Mountains that includes innovative programs in the wild.



The Chosen Companies


From a pool of applicants spanning the country throughout the natural products and outdoor industries… these entrepreneurs were chosen by our world-class review team. They are pioneering innovative new products and lifestyles that solve problems. Get people outdoors. Help people live healthier lives. Promote conservation. Inspire fun. Build a better world. Exist at the forefront of cutting edge trends and soaring demand. They dream big. Make it happen. And do it differently.

Meet the adVenturesAcademy Colorado Backcountry Investment Camp.


A percentage of every course is allocated to the adVenturesAcademy Seed Fund which offers grants to entrepreneurs building businesses that harness the power of business and adventure to address critical environmental, cultural and social issues.

The purpose of the Seed Fund is to encourage entrepreneurs to innovate and apply their skills and passion for adventure to create sustainable, systemic change through building adventure-related businesses that benefit society and the planet.


Operating Partners & Guides

Alissa Sears

Learn More

John P. DeGrazio

Learn More

Luis Benitez

World-renowned Mountaineer and Executive Leadership Development Expert
Learn More

Dave Kingsbury

Vice President
New Hope Natural Media
Learn More

Advisory Team

Alex McIntosh

Founder, EcoMundi Ventures
& THRIVE Natural Care
Learn More

Jim Moscou

CEO & Co-Founder, Spiffly

Learn more

Jayne Hillman

Serial entrepreneur,
consultant & coach
Learn more

Ted Ning

Founder & CEO,
The LOHAS Group
Learn more


Jeff Grogg

Founder, JPG Resources

Learn more

Garrett Ritter Kababik

Co-Founder & CEO, Channel Islands Outfitters
Learn More

Peter Bonfante

Sustainable Law Group

Learn more

Andrew Reynolds

Co-Founder & CEO, Reynolds
& Company Venture Partners
Learn More

Topher Wilkins

CEO, Opportunity Collaboration
Founder, Conveners.org
Learn More

Gillian Christie    

Founder & CEO,
Christie Communications
Learn More

Brad Barnhorn

Barnhorn & Associates
Learn More

Lindsay Tredent

Social Media/Digital Marketing Director Christie & Co
Learn more

Martin Acosta

Inalproces S.A.
Learn More

Andy Lower

ADAP Capital
Learn More

Kristen Moree

 Manager of Global Recruitment
Village Capital
Learn More

Morten Sorensen

Entrepreneur, Digital Nomad &
Founder of Posters with Purpose
Learn More

Jacqui Somen

Media & Influencer Relations Director
Christie & Co
Learn More

Brook Hopper

Director, California Network
1% for the Planet
Learn More

Mat Franken

Founder & CEO
Aunt Fannie’s
Learn More

Diana Mercer

Entrepreneurial Catalyst  
Christie & Co Growth Group
Learn More

Tommy Knoll

The Werx Group

Learn More

Cindy Heller

Director of Business Strategy & Marketing / NEXT
Learn More

Erin Manning

Director of Development
& Marketing
Learn More

Glen Young

Karma Project

Learn More

Kim Coupounas

Director of B Lab

Learn More

Chris Mathias

Puente Fund

Learn More

Mike Randall

Founding Member
The Nest Egg Syndicate
Learn More

Fraser Kersey

Co-Founder / CFO
Channel Islands Outfitters
Learn More

Adam Wilczewski

Busch Global Ventures
Learn More

Valerie D’Ambrosio

The Connection Coach

Learn More

Bob Richards

Managing Partner
Open Water Ventures
Learn More

Justin Perkins

Founder of OLOMOMO
Nut Company
Learn More


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