Eric Gricus


Early stage start-up specialist focusing primarily in the cleantech and the natural products industries.  For over a decade, Eric worked with faculty research teams from multiple Universities to commercialize their intellectual property, understand the key customer problem the technology solved and recruit the management team required to execute on the commercialization plan.  Eric also championed entrepreneurs in the cleantech and natural products industries by curating engagements where industry experts were matched with entrepreneurs to help overcome specific challenges faced by the company.  His exposure to multiple business models, experience with a wide variety of industries and extensive network of domain experts supports entrepreneurs in refining their product/service, developing strategic plans, capital formation, customer discovery and understand the practical steps to make their concept a reality.  He holds an Environmental Studies Degree & Business Minor and an MBA from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Eric currently lives with his wife & dog outside of Boulder Colorado where he enjoys skiing in the winter, kayaking & rafting in the summer, cooking, watching great movies and learning from podcasts.