Fraser Kersey

Co-Founder / CFO, Channel Islands Outfitters

With a career centered around inspiring appreciation of the environment through developing and supporting innovative businesses that build a better world, Fraser’s love of nature has been woven through all facets of his life. Fraser grew up in and on vastly different waters around the country. Summers spent on the Gulf of Mexico and winters in the North Atlantic. Fraser worked as a lifeguard for 5 seasons. He coached swimming, lacrosse, and CPR/First-Aid courses throughout that time as well. After landing in Santa Barbara mid-way through college, guiding seemed to be the next logical fit. After 4 seasons guiding in the Channel Islands National Park, Fraser explored the idea of a ‘real job’ working for ECOBAGS as the VP of Business Development, then starting his own consulting business focusing on sustainable development. When preparing to begin graduate school, Fraser received a message to journey to Peru, living in and exploring the Amazon. In 2010, The Channel Islands called back upon Fraser to return and reconnect, since which time he has been happy to lead people through one of the most remarkable places on Earth. Fraser co-founded Channel Islands Outfitters with Garrett Kababik. Channel Islands Outfitters is a guide-owned and operated company dedicated to saving the oceans and natural places by fostering an understanding of them through education, adventures and outdoor experiences.