adVenturesAcademy launched KIWA Investment Summit Cotopaxi adVenturesAcademy Investment Camp, developing a specialized offering that included innovative offerings highlighting Ecuador's natural beauty with programming from leading investors and business growth experts. Following the KIWA Investment Summit in Quito, we took a selected group of founders, investors and industry leaders to Cotopaxi National Park for an experiential adVenture retreat and programming at Tambopaxi to showcase the beauty of iconic Cotopaxi and provide the ideal setting for innovative investor/entrepreneur immersion and engagement to enhance and activate the relationships built through the investment summit. We will highlighted the mountain huts and their revitalization through the innovative public/private ecotourism initiative, integrating this into the programming focused on deepening the relationship between investors and entrepreneurs.

Programming included Navigating Growth: Orienteering Course, integrating key lessons for business growth strategies within the context of orienteering and navigation highlighting business growth experts and renowned mountaineers; The Art of the Pivot: The Role of Adaptability in Entrepreneurial Success, developing situational adversity that reflected challenges faced in scaling an enterprise to allow entrepreneurs and investors to work together to problem solve and create success together, and much more. We then took the group to climb Cotopaxi together and it was incredibly powerful to see founders alongside investors and advisors on rope teams, navigating unknown terrain, fears, challenges, and the added issue of being the last team on the mountain as Cotopaxi began erupting. It definitely made for some powerful lessons in teamwork, navigating rapidly changing conditions, and coming together to transform that adversity into life-long lessons and lasting impact for founders, investors and advisors.



For me, adVenturesAcademy has been absolutely fantastic. It’s changed the way people interact. I’ve been working with one of the entrepreneurs and was able to work together in a way we never had when just going through spreadsheets. I got to see a different side of the entrepreneur which has been fantastic to really get to know them a lot better. It’s wonderful to work in a collaborative group where people are really trying to find innovative ways to be effective. The lack of egos has been a breath of fresh air.
— Andy Lower // ADAP Capital