adVenturesAcademy unleashes the growth potential of high-impact enterprises and aligned investors, harnessing the power of adventure to deepen engagement, redefine diligence, and build resilient growth

With the goal of deepening the engagement of entrepreneurs, investors, and the growth ecosystem surrounding purpose-driven enterprises, the adVenturesAcademy provides hands-on adventure training programs to unleash innovation, develop meaningful relationships between stakeholders, and cultivate key skills critical to success in building high growth, resilient enterprises.


We develop custom programs to maximize engagement. adVenturesAcademy Programs include:

  • Defining Your Value(s) Proposition
  • Transforming Failure into Success
  • Understanding Human Motivation
  • Transforming Competition into Coopetition
  • Route Planning in Business Growth Strategy
  • Penetrating the Market
  • and more.
  • The Survival Skills of Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Basics
  • Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Vision
  • Business/Venture Planning
  • Managing Risk when Everything is at Stake
“We were immediately thrust into a realness that allowed us to experience one another at a much deeper level. Our interactions, genuine. Our conversations, gritty. Those typical power dynamics that you find between entrepreneurs and investors, erased. Watching the carefully curated, yet completely unscripted, weekend unfold was beautiful and incredibly meaningful. From jumping into freezing, shark invested waters, to warming up around the campfire, to sharing certain thoughts and feelings that we might have preferred to keep to ourselves, our three days together were peppered with crystallizing moments that I will take with me and apply to this roller-coaster ride we call entrepreneurship. adVenturesAcademy spoke to my values as an entrepreneur, as a woman, and as a deconstructor of the status quo. What an incredible experience to take part in and truly amazing people to now call friends.”
— Jen Gurecki // Founder, Coalition Snow