Luis Benitez

World-renowned Mountaineer and
Executive Leadership Development Expert

Vision. Perseverance. Fortitude. Innovation. Curiosity. Adaptability. Unwavering belief in self and team. Determination to make the impossible possible. Ethics. Resilience. All characteristics central to success in entrepreneurship…and high altitude mountaineering at the top of the world’s highest peaks in the harshest conditions imaginable.

Over the last decade, as the ranks of high altitude mountaineering fill with capable amateur climbers pursuing their personal adventure dreams, Benitez has quietly emerged as one of the most experienced, respected and busiest professional guides and Leadership Development consultants in the world, managing expeditions to the tallest, most remote peaks on the planet as well as speaking/consulting with a deep and varied group of clientele.

Benitez weaves the life lessons available in the mountains through to success in entrepreneurship and overcoming the challenges of building ethical, sustainable businesses, as he has done as a highly sought after speaker and leadership development expert. He has pioneered experiential leadership development programs at global companies such as Vail Resorts, at world-leading universities like The Wharton School, and many others.