Chris Mathias

Puente Fund

Be advised to read this like a treasure map, a first set of clues to understanding the enigmatic Chris Mathias. When you first meet Chris you think, “Such a warm and easy going guy!” But to truly keep his company you’ll have to brave your own inner wilderness: plunge feet first into numbingly cold water; navigate the bowels of gnarly canyon, and perhaps cross a dauntingly rickety bridge or two. Look for these signs along your path: abundance, creativity, service. If you see them, chances are you’re on the way. Nearly 20 years ago, Chris pinpointed the coordinates for his life’s bliss. To this day he is beholden to their collective pull that takes him all over the world. Rarely, if ever, is Chris himself pinned to one geographic location or to a singular project. Catalyst, the original source of Chris’s abundance, is a 27-year-old sports sales and marketing incubator situated in the American West.

The company has grossed over $150 million in revenue to date. In the trail of this successful venture are the products (Last Hat in Town and Family of the Wa’a) of Soul Fabric, Chris’s retired documentary film collaborative. He continues to share his experience and creativity with the film industry but only when his attraction to do so is undeniable. Chris is what some might call a WAND—a “wish and duck.” He’s one who seems to magically materialize his dreams, often in spite of himself. Friends in Baja recently deemed him “Señor Manifesto” for his uncanny ability to invoke a tamale truck just as the lunch hour arrives. Similarly, when Chris was overheard sighing, “I haven’t serve on a non-profit board in a while…” the chance to chair the GIS Institute board was instantaneously offered to him.

Chris’s service doesn’t end there. But rather it flourishes at a crossroad where abundance, creativity and service all meet. At this intersection you’ll discover Chris’s current projects. His consulting venture Ripple employs Chris’s experience in business and film arts offering boot camps, trainings, retreats and peer circles. And Puente is a school of sorts whereby Chris guides students through the navigational secrets of their inner wilderness to inspire them and others to chart their path. Be advised: If you pursue Chris, the person you will ultimately come to understand best is yourself.