Jayne Hillman

Serial entrepreneur, consultant & coach

As an serial entrepreneur, consultant and coach Jayne Hillman offers a holistic approach combining her entrepreneurial experiences with executive coaching and mindfulness practices to take entrepreneurs through powerful internal and external frameworks to build successful and personally fulfilling businesses. Jayne has over 25 years experience collectively both as an entrepreneur and as a consultant to start-ups, and is passionate about entrepreneurs tapping into the business “know how”, mentoring and capital available to make their business visions a reality. Jayne has played an advisor /consultant role within and for Pacific Community Ventures,  San Francisco Small Business Development Center, Women’s Start Up Lab, Women's Initiative and  SFEDA (San Francisco Economic Development Agency and Women's Business Development Center in Chicago IL.

As an Entrepreneur
Jayne has held founder roles at Fantasia Fresh Juice Company - a leading natural foods company, Yoga Sangha - a community-focused yoga studio, and executive consultant at Zenergize - an eco-friendly nutritional supplement company and currently launching her latest start-up The Base Camp. Jayne offers expansive business building frameworks and business model analysis and planning to successfully launch and scale businesses. She is passionate about facilitating entrepreneurs with great ideas that contribute to a healthier and happy planet to build successful business ventures that are sustainable, enjoyable and financially rewarding for everyone involved.  

As an Executive Coach to Entrepreneurs
As a Certified Professional Coach I use over a decade of experience as a Founder & Entrepreneur combined with deep study of mindfulness, neuroscience, and quantum physics along with my personal practice in other contemplative practices of yoga, martial arts, and how to have more true influence and power as a way  to create the business, the organization and the life entrepreneurs would like to have and see more in the world.

In her spare time, Jayne loves the outdoors, hiking, biking, climbing and playing at the beach with her husband and golden retriever Kibo.