April 2017: adVenturesAcademy in California's breathtaking Jalama Valley

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adVenturesAcademy in Jalama Valley in April 2017 is now open for entrepreneur registrations



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adVenturesAcademy unleashes the growth potential of high-impact enterprises and proven investors, harnessing the power of adventure to deepen engagement, redefine diligence, and build resilient growth.

Go Deep

Rugged Coastal California Entrepreneur / Investor Immersion

April 27 – 29, 2017

California’s breathtaking Jalama Valley

Key elements of
the program include

The Art of the Pivot:
The Role of Adaptability in Entrepreneurial Success

Surf exploration and water rescue training that integrates situational adversity that reflects challenges faced in scaling an enterprise to allow entrepreneurs and investors to work together to problem solve and create success together.

Camping Cookoff with Michelle Smith of The Whole Smiths
Harnessing the power of influencers to build meaningful, authentic engagement aligned with your growth strategy. Navigating Growth + Building Lasting Success, Together Integrates key lessons for business growth strategies within the context of navigation highlighting business growth experts from UNFI and Jeff Grogg from JPG Resources, and renowned guides and outdoor industry leaders.

Rhythm of Scalability
Drum circle to tap into the rhythm within a team applied to maximizing scalability and harnessing your brand’s DNA to align your growth ecosystem, from investors to industry experts, manufacturers and beyond.


Timeline for Applicants

March 24th
Applications Close
March 24th – 29th
Review Committee reviews all applicants
March 31st
Review committee makes final selections
April 3rd
Winners notified – they have 24 hours to accept
April 4th
Winners must notify acceptance / pay program fees
April 6th – April 18th
Mentoring Program for Program Participants
April 21st
Business Plans due
April 27th – 29th


Do you have any questions??

Contact Alissa Sears
Co-founder, adVenturesAcademy
Phone: 805-636-9929

The exercises in the program mirror situations any entrepreneur would face running their company; aligning interests and efforts across a team, solving complex challenges, prioritizing tasks and effective communication to name a few elements.
— Andrew Reynolds, Investor

Outreach Partners


Our Investment Camp will be held on a ranch on rugged, coastal California – and it’s also one of the best breaks in California. Jalama. The Chumash of the Jalama Region have traditionally known Point Conception as the “Western Gateway to Beyond” and the Jalama valley is sacred for many reasons. You feel it. It is the staircase to Similaqsa – the heavenly paradise.

We’ve always said adVenturesAcademy is to “Go Beyond” …. There’s tremendous history and heritage in this place and we have a unique opportunity to host our next program there with surfing, fire circle exploring the importance of legacy and purpose weaving in the Chumash heritage of the region, navigation course with JJ Cantrell (VP of UNFI) and ecommerce/digital marketing expert Andy Hawkes exploring the shifting terrain of distribution and sales, drum circle with incredible local musicians, water rescue training, camping cookoff with food/wellness blogger Michelle Smith exploring the power of influencer marketing, deep dive business growth strategies (in the barn), walking with wild horses/leadership exploration, and so much more.

Luis Benitez, Mark Gasta, Alissa Sears and Chipper Bro and his team from Surfclass will be leading the program with an incredible team of our advisors coming together including Andrew Reynolds, Gillian, Jeff Grogg, Alex McIntosh, Georgina Miranda, Morten Sorensen, Mike Randall, Justin Perkins, Zach DeAngelo, Kyle Ashby, Craig Wilson, Ely Key, and more to share their knowledge and expertise in growth strategies, lessons learned, and those “oh shit” moments that are so helpful in guiding growth, sharing best practices, exploring key trends and opportunities, and connecting entrepreneurs, investors and advisors.

Our world-class review committee includes: Andrew Reynolds (RCV Partners), Eric Schiller (Hummingbird Brands), David Haynes (Greenmont), Lauren Ivison (Range Light), Zach DeAngelo (Rodeo Ventures), Dave Berger (Red Dog Investments).

adVenturesAcademy as pushing comfort zones to deepen engagement, grow meaningful relationships, and build resilient growth.

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The Chumash of the Jalama Region have traditionally known Point Conception as the “Western Gateway to Beyond”

sharing best practices, exploring key trends and opportunities, and connecting entrepreneurs, investors and advisors.