Coalition Snow


Coalition Snow is the world’s first company specializing in exceptional skis and snowboards designed by women, for women. In an industry where “shrink it and pink it” has dominated the landscape, women have been presented with suboptimal equipment that compromises performance, hinders advancement, and does not meet the demands of female skiers and riders.



Founder and CEO, Jen Gurecki, is responsible for fundraising, working collaboratively with Coalition Snow’s business advisors, building and managing significant partnerships (such as REI), and developing sales and marketing strategies. She also supports the team in
successful execution of key objectives.

Jennifer Gurecki specializes in designing creative
approaches to building resilient communities and cultivating female leadership. When she’s not playing in the Sierra Nevada, you can find her in Kenya working with Zawadisha, a non-profit social enterprise providing fair and transparent microloans to women through an innovative model of lending that is soundly pro-poor, pro-woman, and pro-environment.