MANDA develops simple personal care solutions influenced by unique local traditions to promote universal well-being through premium, organic and sustainable products. MANDA explore cultures around the world and identify simple remedies to enrich life-long necessities. Applying these native inspirations with modern applications, MANDA elevates the effectiveness of proven traditions to create the best products in existence. Being surfers, one of the main requirements the founders had when developing MANDA Organic Sun Paste was to put on sunscreen and not worry about it for as long as possible to maximize the time doing what we love. Exceptionally waterproof/sweatproof and made to last, MANDA’s uniquely created formula is designed to perform. Once applied, you can be out enjoying yourself to the fullest without having to worry whether or not it is working. MANDA Organic Sun Paste is a physical sunscreen so there is no guesswork involved, unlike chemical sunscreens which rub into your skin, leaving no visual indicator as to what areas of your body are protected or need re-application. If you can see MANDA Organic Sun Paste on your body, then you know it is protecting your skin.



Reis Paluso Co-Founder.
One of MANDA’s founders, Reis Paluso, would describe his team as collaborative and very supportive.

A group of friends who are all engaged and motivated to build up their amazing company. Barrett is a serial entrepreneur with experience in lifestyle-driven companies. He graduated from University of San Diego with his BBA in Business, Management and Marketing.