Travis Underwood

Founder // Chopwood Mercantile

Travis Underwood is enigmatic. Competent in urban and wild environments, pensive yet social, inquisitive and opinionated.  These traits and many more qualify him for broad access.  Horse and Mule trainer, river guide, cyclist, pilot, systems analyst and entrepreneur, canine and equine rescuer, business owner, (with wife/partner, a whole other skill set!) and a history of so called ‘successes and failures’. Professional tenure spans Big 5 consulting, bicycle industry executive, retail startups and business owner.
His eyes wander as he darts from concept to concept, sometimes leaving his audience to wonder if he is paying attention; he is.  Analogies and metaphors pour forth, based upon experience in financial institutions, retail enterprises and river trips.  He understands ‘connection’ and if there is an importance in curating experiences, Travis is an EXPERT.
As globalization and personalization co-exist in today’s marketplace, Travis brings an uncommon, paradoxical, innovative and practiced voice to any conversation.