Forrest Merithew

FOUNDER // Merithew Law

Forrest Merithew is the founder and managing partner of Merithew Law. Last year he opened our new Colorado “Western States” branch in Fort Collins, CO in order to further our services to Clients in the West. He is an avid outdoors-man with great interest in his clients and focused industries and a competitive background as a litigator and business attorney. Forrest has lived and practiced around the Country (holding California, Colorado, and North Carolina bar licenses) and applies that diversity of experiences and knowledge to Merithew Law.  In addition to his legal skills and credentials, Forrest has previously worked and/or pursues a passion in several targeted industries and products, including, but not limited to outdoor recreation, gear and outfitting, restaurant, bar and service/hospitality industry, alcoholic beverages, beer, food and beverage industries, automotive, motorcycle, recreation gear, and similar mechanics and mechanical pursuits, for whom he now applies such experience to legal analysis for greater efficiency, cost savings, and results. Forrest also has an interest and background in environmental and water matters, land use and access, green building issues, energy development and production, and other related environmental legal issues. Through his work with Merithew Law, Forrest has represented a range of businesses as general and retained counsel, from startups to established national and international companies, including, but not limited to, outdoor recreation and gear products and outfitters, medical devices and products, retail and sales, recreation services, developers, contractors, and subcontractors, breweries and restaurants, and other web, tech or service based endeavors. Forrest appreciates helping others make their goals and dreams come to fruition, while protecting them and their families through upfront legal counseling and risk management throughout the process.