Rise Protein Bars



Rise Bar is real food nutrition bar company with a vision to help millions of individuals rise to their fullest
potential in mind, body and soul fueled by the simplest, healthiest protein bar on the market.

With a line of 6 high -protein bars, which all contain 5 ingredients or less, rise bar sets themselves apart in such a competitive space!

Made with the highest quality whey and pea protein isolates, as well as, all natural honey and coconut nectar sweeteners.

Rise bar hopes to create a community based on self- improvement of the mind and spirit. 


Founder of Rise Bar, Pete Spenuzza, wanted to create much more than a protein bar company- him and his team want to help their consumers reach their fullest potential in mind, body, and spirit.

An outdoor sports and health food industry enthusiast himself, Pete fully lives and supports a lifestyle in which he can share with others through Rise Bar.