They dream big. Make it happen. And do it differently.

Meet the amazing founders, investors, industry leaders that all have been part of our programs. Each was chosen by our world-class review team. They are pioneering innovative new products, organizations, funds, and growth resources that solve problems. Get people outdoors. Help people live healthier lives. Promote conservation. Inspire fun. Build a better world. Exist at the forefront of cutting edge trends and soaring demand.

...I feel like my mind was blown with information and learning around fundraising, running a business and so much more. You guys provided an awesome opportunity to learn in a fun environment, which I love because I feel I actually retain so much more in those situations. Everyone was so positive and it was hard not to get pulled right into the vortex of stoke and out of the comfort zone. Each activity was beautifully woven into some sort of learning parallel to being an entrepreneur and the group was so dynamic... I love jumping in and helping people out. Pushing people into waves for the first time was so fun for me. To share the stoke of surfing, my life’s passion, I felt like I was more pumped than they were on their first waves...From start to finish, the experience was top notch.
— Reis Paluso // Co-Founder, MANDA