adVenturesAcademy [Tent]Pitch + Demo Day

July 24, 2018 from 4:00pm – 6:30pm

at the Commons on Champa

1245 Champa Street, Denver, CO 80204



Unlocking growth opportunities at the intersection of outdoor + natural


Outdoor + Natural
Retail crossover. Innovative distribution opportunities. Experiential engagement. Leverage efficiencies. Cross promotions. Supply chain management learnings. Shared learnings. Climate action. Be where your consumers live & play.  


The outdoor and natural industries have such deep alignments, shared purposes, and potentials for collaborative growth. The health and wellness ecosystem is so deeply tied to the outdoor recreation economy, all part of those things we hold most important. We couldn’t be more excited to be building this event to bring together these industries that are also at the heart of Colorado’s economy. We look forward to seeing you there.
— Luis Benitez / Director of Colorado’s Office of Outdoor Recreation Industry


We brought together leaders at this powerful intersection

Natural products companies
with products relevant for the outdoor industry – Snacks. Sunscreen. Food. Beverages. Nutrition products. Personal care. Target consumer active / health-conscious / outdoor enthusiast / athlete. They were there.

Outdoor retailers
interested in discovering the leading natural products their customers are demanding. They wanted to learn how to effectively merchandise and market food / beverage / nutrition products that can increase customer visits + engagement (and retention). They needed to learn more so they could educate their customers how to fuel their adventures with the best products.  They were there. They connected with leading natural and organic product companies.

looking at innovative companies with growth potential and traction in channels that build growth and brand value. They had a great time participating in our Entrepreneur+Investor [Tent]Pitch. They were eager to connect with high growth companies exploring crossover distribution opportunities. They were there.

Interested in learning
about the crossover of outdoor and natural? How our industries come together to build resilient growth?  Contact us to learn more as we continue to bring these powerful industries together to unlock growth opportunities.



Program Schedule

We kicked this off with a panel discussion with key industry leaders across both outdoor and natural leading into our Pitch + Demo Day. 8 companies were chosen to [Tent]Pitch with leading investors. We also had 30 “demo day” natural product companies sharing their products.

4:10pm: Opening Remarks with Luis Benitez

4:30pm - 5:30pm: Entrepreneur + Investor [Tent]Pitch

5:35pm - 6:25pm: Outdoor + Natural Industry Leader Panel Discussion

6:30pm - 7:00pm: Demo Day with Leading Natural x Outdoor Companies



Speakers include



Luis Benitez
Director of Colorado’s Office of Outdoor Recreation Industry

Rich Hill
President, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance


Lauren Ivison
Managing Partner, Ridgeline Ventures


Carlotta Mast
Senior Vice President, New Hope


Gillian Christie
Christie & Co


Matt Kaplan
Vice President, Outdoor Industry Association


Mike Wallenfels
Hydro Flask


Kim Coupounas
B Lab


Kate Dillon Levin
Vice President, Ecosphere+


Entrepreneur+Investor [tent]pitch

adVenturesAcademy’s Entrepreneur + Investor [Tent]Pitch was designed to go beyond the traditional pitch events to connect at a deeper level. Most pitch events focus on polished powerpoints and well-rehearsed pitches. However, building a company can never be pre-rehearsed as the only certainty is that it is not going to go as planned. Like any great adventure, success is often determined by how well we navigate the unknowns. The darkest moments endured to get to the summit. That always seems to be shifting. It's time to build resilient growth. Together.

Only eight companies were selected from an incredible pool of candidates by the adVenturesAcademy review committee comprised of leading investors and industry leaders. Each company was paired with an investor to pitch a tent. One was blindfolded. They had limited time to pitch the tent together. Facilitated by Alan Lewis of Natural Grocers, Pat Crowley from Chapul (adVenturesAcademy alumni) and Scott McGuire of Stoke Broker, we dug deep into a discussion of what it was like to work together in this capacity and what that could mean for building a company together... so much more than a powerpoint dog-and-pony-pitch could ever show. It was a dynamic way to redefine "The Pitch." 

[Tent]Pitch Company Criteria:

Natural + Outdoor Companies

Relevance in Outdoor / Natural Crossover

Strong Traction + Growing Distribution / Consumer Engagement 

Economic + Impact Potential (size, growth rate, scalability, profitability, impact)

Mission-Driven / Differentiated



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