Founder & President // Subtle Distinctions

Acclaimed organizational development expert, executive coach and facilitator, Linwood is the founder and president of Subtle Distinctions, an organizational development consultancy. With over thirty years of rich and varied experience in individual development, team and organizational change, Linwood is committed to the art and neuroscience of "experience-based" learning. As a Certified International Coach Federation Integral Life Coach, and over 37 years of experience and success with dozens of change models, Linwood is masterful at delivering "grounded distinctions with power" to his clients. He is particularly masterful in delivering highly interactive “experience-based” professional leadership team development programs and transformational one-on-one Executive Coaching.

Spontaneous highly interactive group initiative experiences press the team into immediate and authentic demonstrations. They reveal core competencies that both serve and are lacking in its operating tactics and personal styles. Subsequent on the spot conversations known as "debriefs" lead to powerful declarations of unprecedented clarity. This "felt sense" approach results in real time commitments compelling direct transference to current organizational successes and challenges. He has worked with organizations like Nike’s Basketball Operations as their Personal & Professional Development Trainer, Farmers Insurance Group, Citrix, US Department of Justice, Northrup Grumman, 3M Unitek, Abu Dhabi Department of Civil Service, The Accelerated School, and many others. When he is not helping organizational leaders, he can be found working with young people to enhance programs at local United Way Agencies, The First Tee, Americorps, or police department juvenile diversion programs.