Colorado Back Country Investment Camp harnessed the power of adventure to deepen engagement between values-aligned entrepreneurs and investors in the outdoor industry and natural products industry in the Rocky Mountains. From our partnership with Colorado Outward Bound School to our experience in the 10th Mountain Division Huts, every step was rooted in the Colorado experience as we continue to pioneer new ways to scale companies in the outdoor and active lifestyle sectors through harnessing the power of adventure.

Through a rigorous application and review process, these entrepreneurs were chosen by our world-class review team. They are pioneering innovative new products and lifestyles that solve problems, get people outdoors, and help people live healthier lives, promote conservation, inspire fun, and build a better world. They exist at the forefront of cutting edge trends and soaring demand in the thriving outdoor and natural products industries. They dream big. Make it happen. And do it differently.

Founders, investors and industry leaders came together for an epic adventure in the rugged mountains behind Eagle, Colorado. After an exciting drive in (white out conditions that made it longer than expected), bonds already began to form. We set out for an 8 mile snowshoe up to the huts at 11,000 feet. It was rigorous and challenging and everyone came together to support each other and help as we explored lessons in building high growth companies through the lens of adventure.

Upon arrival at the hut, days were filled with dynamic adventures and activities like avalanche training and talking about exit strategy, Hut-Lympics and exploring the power of play in team building, gratitude reflections, investors sharing what they look for in founders and how to most effectively navigate, and a creative take on business plan presentations. We definitely redefined “diligence” and explored lessons at the heart of building and investing in great companies beyond the comfort zone.


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You can pretty quickly in adventuring with people really get a feeling for who they are beyond what they’re able to project for the purpose of investment...Who you are as a person and who you are as a business person, it’s hard to see that when things are going well. When you’re suffering - when you’ve got big challenges, when you’re physically and mentally tired, that’s where you show who you are.
— Mike Randall // Angel Investor