founder // metamorphix

Anne O'Connor, the facilitator and coach behind Metamorphix, goes beyond an intellectual understanding of how to make changes. Just knowing isn't enough. Working together to identify your most important intention, we use practices that incorporate your learning into your mind, your heart, your body, and your communities. With this kind of lasting change, you will see your courage and confidence grow and be ready to create beauty in your relationships, your work, your health, and all areas of your life.  Prior to launching Metamorphix, Anne was the Director of Public Affairs at Organic Valley/Organic Prairie. Anne oversaw the teams that promote the cooperative’s mission, manage the cooperative’s strategic giving programs, develop relationships with key stakeholders, and develop and advance the cooperative’s communication strategies. She has been a professional coach and communicator for over two decades.

She lives in Viroqua, WI, the middle of nowhere where there is so much beauty it’s hard to keep up with.