We redefine due diligence by harnessing the power of adventure to deepen engagement and create lasting relationships that embolden honesty and transparency, resulting in enduring relationships, a supportive community, and TRANSFORMATIVE growth opportunities.


With the goal of deepening the engagement of entrepreneurs, investors, and the growth ecosystem surrounding game changing, high growth companies, adVenturesAcademy provides hands-on adventure training programs that unleash innovation, develop meaningful relationships between stakeholders, and cultivate key skills critical to success in building high growth, resilient companies.

We take entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders outdoors together, beyond the comfort zone, to redefine diligence and build meaningful relationships through often life- and business-changing adventures in wild, breathtaking parts of the world. These rugged places and experiences reflect so much of the process of building a high-growth company — getting comfortable with the unknown often helps navigate the rapidly changing terrain both entrepreneurs and investors face in their companies and portfolio companies, respectively.

You have the chance to get to know each other quickly, understanding how each of you react in challenging environments. Meaningful relationships built through shared experiences facilitate an openness in working through growth challenges and navigating rapidly changing terrain to optimize success and redefine diligence.


We develop custom programs to maximize engagement. adVenturesAcademy Programs include:

  • Building Adaptive, Resilient Growth & Leadership: From Your Board to the Shelf

  • Transforming Failure into Success

  • Understanding Human Motivation

  • Transforming Competition into Coopetition

  • Navigating Rapidly Changing Terrain: Route Planning in Business Growth Strategy

  • Managing Risk as a Team when Everything is at Stake

  • Leadership Beyond the Comfort Zone

  • The Power of the Word: Storytelling, Thought Leadership & Consumer Engagement

  • Finding Your True North: Defining Vision, Mission & Values

  • Innovation Base Camp

  • Growing Outside the Box: Vertically Integrated Sales & Distribution

We were immediately thrust into a realness that allowed us to experience one another at a much deeper level…Those typical power dynamics that you find between entrepreneurs and investors, erased…our three days together were peppered with crystallizing moments that will I will take with me and apply to this roller-coaster ride we call entrepreneurship.
— Jen Gurecki // Founder, Coalition Snow